*Review* Mugstir Teaspoons from Find Me A Gift

We have loved working with Find Me A Gift over the last few months and I know when they get in touch its going to be for something fun & interesting and this time I wasn’t wrong!

I love quirky little things and the Mugstir Teaspoons are certainly that! Made to hang over the end of your mug there’s never going to be a lost teaspoon again!

When your making tea at work you almost always end up dumping the spoon in the mug to get it back to your desk then off course you have to head back to the kitchen to wash it again however with these you wouldn’t need to!

They come in a set of 3 pink, blue and purple and are suitable for standard size mugs, I would say that anything bigger other than that may be a struggle to stir the bottom of the mug.

I intend on taking one of mine to live with my mug at work!

These are a great little quirky gift & would be ideal for secret santas at work for any tea or coffee addict!

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