*Review* My First Bananagrams

*Review* My First Bananagrams

The latest game we received from our Asmodee UK Blogger Board Game Club was My First Bananagrams.

The aim of the game is simple however it is also a great way to get children used to letters and spellings to, in a fun way.

Your lovely green banana case contains 80 letter tiles which are called the bunch. These tiles are bright, and they have kindly put the vowels in one colour to help children identify their vowels easier. The also all have a little lip on the bottom of the tile to help younger children identify which way round the tile should be facing.

*Review* My First Bananagrams

Placing all the tiles face down in the bunch you mix them up and then all players take 15 tiles (whilst they are face down). When you are ready someone in the game shouts split and game begins, you have to all flip your tiles the right way up and try and get all of your tiles into an interconnecting word grid. The first one to use up all their tiles wins the game. There are also combo tiles which when you are ready to you can add to your game. These allow each player to take 2 combo tiles as well as their 15 tiles and you have to add these to your word grid.*Review* My First Bananagrams

If you get stuck with any of your tiles you can say swap and switch it out for another tile in the bunch. You can also rearrange your word grid as many times as you like.

This game has very few rules and is very quick to set up and play, I can see this one taking lots of trips with us on our holidays away.

*Review* My First Bananagrams

Both Kayleigh and Ethan enjoyed it however Ethan at times did find it a little frustrating as he struggled to find words out of his letters he had. As his spelling and reading develop I’m sure he will be fine with it, he just doesn’t like losing!

Overall this is great game to play as a family and at £15.99 it is not too expensive either. You can find this on Amazon and all good toy shops.

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