*Review* NOTHS Storytime Sounds App

We were invited by Mumsnet to give the Not On The Highstreet Storytime sounds app a whirl, more importantly the Halloween part of the app.

Kayleigh and Ethan love story times so we started the app off with the story that is up on the Not on the Highstreet blog and using the app could not be easier. Simply read the story and when you get to an image press the corresponding button.

If you’ve downloaded the app head here for your chance to read the story.

Everyone loved reading the story and the app helped to bring it to life. Kayleigh and Ethan loved the story so much they were inspired to create there own story from the options that you could have on the Halloween selection.


Here is our story (illustrated by Kayleigh,6 & Ethan, 4)

Being scared of the dark, No Bones about it!

There was once a rattley skeleton, Mr Funny Bones, who was scared of the dark!


Every year when Halloween came around he used to hide indoors, jumping every time he heard a sound, even that of his own cat! Cat

This year however Mr Funny Bones decided he couldn’t hide any more and wanted to go see the village witch to see if she could make him a special potion in her cauldron.


Heading out into the night Mr Funny Bones wasn’t laughing, as he heading through the deep dark haunted forest every creak and crack made him jump, just as he approached the end of the forest a group of bats flew out of the trees making him jump.


Mr Funny Bone screamed and ran as fast as he could until he reached the end of the forest. However he was still a long way from the witches home.

Needing a rest Mr Funny Bone headed to visit his friend Mr Dracula to talk about being scared of the dark. Mr Dracula liked being friends with Mr Funny Bone as he made him laugh lots


When he had rested enough it was time for Mr Funny Bone to say goodbye to his friend and continue on the last part of his journey.


After a long walk he finally made it to the witches home!


Creaking the door open he was greeted by the sounds of the witches cauldron bubbling away with his special potion. Greeting his friend the witch and couldn’t wait to try his potion.


However she wouldn’t give him the potion!

You see, Mr Funny Bones may be a little scared of the dark but there was no need to be.

He had made the whole journey in the dark on his own, even though things had made him jump, there was nothing scary to be afraid of.

 The End 

Both Kayleigh and  Ethan have loved playing with the app especially being able to create their own stories, perfect for encouraging their imagination.

Storytime Sounds App Storytime sounds app Storytime Sounds App

One thing I loved about the app (other than fact it is free!) is the choice, there was another 5 different story sounds which you can select from which make story time even more fun!

One of the top free app’s on the market in our books!

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