*Review* OXpwr three

Back in November we got our first iPhone (yeah I know we’re a bit behind the trends!) and have recently got ourselves an iPad but we always faced the same issues, it running low on charge at work!

This is where OXpwr Three came to our rescue, we we’re originally going to receive the OXpwr One to review but when they heard about our latest purchase they sent us the OXpwr Three instead!

Neatly boxes the OXpwr Three is about the size of an apple, plus it looks like one too! It’s easy to recharge, you simple plug it in to your laptop/computer and charge it from there. The same lead is then used to charge your phone or tablet. The clever thing about this portable charger is it is so adaptable. It comes with a little carry case with a selection of connections which make it easy to change so its useable on a number of devices, just click here for the full list of compatible devices. It also comes with 3 inserts in the holder to adjust the stand to different size devices.

The OXpwr Three holds enough charge to recharge an iPhone 4 times! So plenty of charge for a long journey or just to boost your battery if you’ve been a bit heavy on technology one day.

We’ve found our OXpwr really useful and is something that would be used on a regular basis in our house! It’s¬†definitely¬†one of those must buy gadgets if you have a tablet which you use on a regular journey to work as you can charge & use the device at the same time.

Also if you use the vouchercode mumvswork at the checkout you will receive 10% off & free delivery which is valid until 12th August 2012.

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