*Review* Panasonic Home Monitoring & Control Kit

*Review* Panasonic Home Monitoring & Control Kit

If you have little ones or yours are a bit more grown up but you just want that little peace of mind when they are out of eye and ear shot then I may have the perfect thing for you.

Panasonic have a home monitoring system which is perfect from them being little till they are much older!

The home monitoring and control kit KX-HN6012 has everything you need for your home starting with a camera and the hub plus 2 window/door sensors.

So it can be used for a baby monitor whilst your little ones are small and then as they get bigger and start to walk themselves home from school or even to keep an eye on your pets you can used the door/window sensors to trigger the camera when they go off. It really is a clever piece of equipment.

The box itself contains:

  • Hub
  • Indoor Camera
  • Window/door sensors x2
  • Smart plug

Panasonic have really thought of parents when it comes to this kit and trying to give them peace of mind over a number of years however it’s not limited to just parents either. This would work if you have a pet at home or just for peace of mind if you are uneasy at leaving your home unattended for any reason.

Panasonic Panasonic
The whole system is really easy to set up and is monitored from a simple app on your phone. Another feature which is really clever is the smart plug. It can be used remotely to turn things on and off, so for example if you go out for dinner and forget to put the light on and it gets dark, you have your lamp plugged into the smart plug you can turn this on remotely so the house is lit up when you get home.

Here is a little bit more information on the kit but before you go it gets a big thumbs up from us!

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