*Review* Panasonic KX-PRW120 House Phone

We were very lucky to take delivery of a new home phone from Panasonic, the KX-PRW120 House Phone.

This phone comes with so many features I’m not sure where to start but here is a few :

  1. Sync with your smartphone, allowing you to pick up landline calls when you’re away from the phone
  2. Double up as a baby monitor
  3. Automatically reject junk calls without even ringing. Once set, you can avoid nuisance calls, unwanted pitches and anyone else that might distract you from your writing…
  4. If desired, alert you by text to new answerphone messages (which can be rewound and fast forward, so there’s no need to relisten in full if you misheard someone’s number

The phone itself is really easy to set up, the instructions get you started and up and running pretty quickly.

Gone are the days of boring house phone’s though, this one comes so many ringtones to pick from that  I couldn’t choose, Daddy Vs Work picked one in the end.

Are you fed up of those irritating calls, normally just as the kids have dosed off for the evening, this phone can help put a stop to that. You see there is a special feature which you set on the phone and it turns off the ringer automatically between certain hours that you set.

So we have ours set between the hours of 10pm and 6am that it  wont ring, our family and friends have our mobiles so can still contact us in an emergency however those annoying calls cant!

The feature for call forwarding is great too, I tend to only do mine at weekends so I don’t get calls at work during the day but the fact that you can make your smartphone your house phone is great for busy people.

This phone is amazing but it has so many features I think I’m still finding them all out! It is one that I feel will work with the latest technology for a long time and the only time it will need to be replaced is when it eventually breaks!

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