*Review* Pay Day – a family fun game

We are huge fans of board games in the MvW household and when Hasbro kindly offered to send us Pay Day to try out we couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

From the makers of Monopoly the aim of the game is to have the most money at the end of the last pay day.

Pay Day – a family fun game

Playing on a board that resembles a calendar, you work your way towards the end of the month with lots of different things happening around you.

From the board you can pick up various cards such mail, even and bargain. Each card has a different action that plays from this.

Then there are the board squares that you can land on. They are:

  •  Mail – Pick up a mail card (could be good news or bad news)
  • Event – Pick up an event card (these can change the whole game!
  • Bargain – You can buy these and hopefully sell for a profit later in the game
  • Lottery – As it says, be brave and gamble or walk away with your money?
  • Sales – Sell your bargains you may have picked up, make as much profit as you can
  • Birthday – Happy birthday! Each player is going to give you a little gift of cash!
  • Yard sale – A special square where you purchase a bargain card at a special price (Dependant on your roll)
  • Daylight saving – All players step back a square and start the turn as per the square they have landed in.

Now it might seem like there is a lot to take in however once you get going it isn’t that difficult to get your head around.

Your luck of the cards and rolling really do play a big part in this game. If you get lucky with your bargains and events cards it really can change the game. As well as if you are unfortunate to get lots of the bills in the mail cards, you may be looking to take out a loan come payday!

Pay Day – a family fun game

This game was a huge hit with everyone due to it’s simple to understand rules however I’m sure as the kids get older they will become more and more competitive as the games go on.

Pay Day is available at all good toy shops and places like Amazon.

Pay Day – a family fun game

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