*Review* Persil Small & Mighty

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Persil have been working on a new formula for their small and mighty which they claims guarantees a better stain remover even in a quick wash. This is using the stain eraser ball which comes with the detergent. You simply pop the stain eraser ball out of the ball, pour in the detergent and rub the stain with the dimpled surface before you pop it in the washing machine as normal.

It works so well in fact that they were voted product of the year 2014 and they sent me a stain art kit and a bottle of the Persil Small and Mighty to try it out.

I’m always dubious when brands claim to get stains out especially tough ones like dried on bolognaise etc that I tested my kit on a tea towel just in case it didn’t work!

Persil Persil

In the kit I had:

  • Ink
  • Juice
  • Chocolate (Cadbury’s no less and it smelt yummy!)
  • Paint

Firstly I did 2 row of them all and left them to dry so they could be my dried on stains, I then added a further 2 rows of fresh stains again.

Persil Persil

Once this was done I used their stain eraser ball to pre-treat one of each rows (dried on and fresh) and then I popped it into the washing machine on a fast 30 degree wash.

I will admit at this point I was dubious as the ink had stained my chopping board so I couldn’t see it coming out of the tea towel.

However I was pleasantly surprised once the wash had finished its cycle:

photo 5

A large majority of the stains had been removed which was something I never expected.

I have to say I am rather impressed that it has removed the stains especially the dried in stains and intend on using it going forward. Prices start at RRP £4.69 for 15 washes however keep a look out as major retailers often have special offers.

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