*Review* Peter Rabbit Organics Pasta Sauce and Juice Drink

We try to cook from scratch as often as we can however with work it sometimes fall’s by the wayside and then of course recently after the accident it has become pretty hard to do so.

Kayleigh and Ethan are not chip fans nor do they like quick fixes very often so I tend to stick with pasta etc when I’m not up to cooking a full blow dinner as its quick and simple. When Peter Rabbit Organics got in touch to see if we would be interested in trying out their pasta sauces, I couldn’t wait to give them a go!

If you’ve never hear of Peter Rabbit Organics then you really need to pop over to their site and have a look. Born out of the desire to give children organic food and drink for children, which contains neither added salt and sugar nor any artificial ingredients it has been growing and growing ever since.

We took delivery of the sauce and some of their apple and grape juice.

The first thing the kids tried was the apple and grape juice drinks. In a 150ml carton it is the perfect toddler size but it is packed full of healthy ingredients. Kayleigh and Ethan loved this and Kayleigh has had it in her lunch box several days since they have arrived! At 67p a carton it is cheaper than some of the bigger unhealthier brands!

Peter Rabbit

Next up I tried the pasta sauce… just not on pasta!

For some odd reason I decided to make some flat breads for the first time, not to mention it being the first time I’ve really been back in a kitchen for 9 weeks! Then turn them into pizza.

I used the pasta sauce as my pizza sauce and still had loads left over for our pasta lunch tomorrow!


Their pasta sauce ranges come in tomato and basil, Italian Veg and Garden Veg. We’ve been trialling the tomato and basil range.

Simply packed full of great tasting ingredients the sauce packs a yummy punch and is not bland yet is not so strong the kids don’t enjoy it. Another great thing I liked is it’s not too thick. So many pasta sauces are thick and lumpy that they look and taste horrible. This one has a great texture as well as taste.

Peter Rabbit

This is one to keep in the cupboard for when you fancy something quick and healthy to eat rather than the microwaveable meal! It retails for £1.89 per 300g however I used less than a quarter of that on our pizza’s so it goes a long way and you can store it for 7 days in the fridge once it’s opened.

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