*Review* Petshop.co.uk – treats for our dogs Red & Daisy

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If you are a reader of our blog or follow us on social media, you will know we have 2 dogs. Red the husky and Daisy the pug (she’s more popular that we are on Instagram!).

A couple of weeks back Petshop.co.uk offered us the chance to review some dog food for Red and some treats for both Daisy and Red.

Petshop.co.uk is an online pet store for all your animal’s needs. With a huge range of not only food such as the grain free food we received for Red but also worming treatment, leads, toys and so much more.

*Review* Petshop.co.uk – treats for our dogs Red & Daisy

One thing I love is the site has already got great value for money on all these products however they also have an additional way to save on your pet food called Bottomless Bowl. This is an automatic subscription renewal which allows you to set up deliveries for the food going forward, as a reward for your loyalty though you get an additional 5-25% off your subscription.

*Review* Petshop.co.uk – treats for our dogs Red & Daisy

So if like us you have to make a trip to the pet shop monthly, stop! Let it come to you and make you a saving at the same time.

The treats that we received have gone down a storm. It was the first time that Daisy had had fish, at first she was a bit unsure however after trying them out however now she runs away and hides with them. Eating them peacefully away from anyone that might wish to steal them!

I will be honest they are quiet strong smelling these ones however they don’t seem to last very long with the dogs to notice!

*Review* Petshop.co.uk – treats for our dogs Red & Daisy

Red received Catch food, for the first time he had salmon flavour which he loved. Red is an extremely fussy dog when it comes to eating dog food so it is a big thumbs up if you can get him to eat it. He didn’t just eat this, he devoured it. All whilst Daisy was watching on…

Thank you Petshop.co.uk for sending out some treats for the dogs.

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