*Review* Pure Pet Food Chicken Dinner

We have a fussy dog in this house, in fact I’ve lost count of the amount of dog food types we have tried out with him over the years. Red the husky is just a bit of a grumpy old man.

So, when we got the chance to try out a new dog food on the market, we thought why not?

Pure Pet Food Chicken Dinner is here to revolutionize the dog food market. Here is a great video introducing you to the product.

If you have a dog you will know just how much is added to lots of dog foods from different brands. This can cause different reactions in dogs including dry skin or an upset tummy.

Sometimes though dogs are just fussy, what they might eat one day, they won’t eat the next day.

Pure Pet Food Chicken DinnerPure Pet Food Chicken Dinner
Like I said at the beginning we have gone through so many different food diets for Red I’ve lost count. The only thing you can guarantee with him, if there is fresh chicken/beef on offer, he’ll eat it!

Pure Pet Food is here to take the nasties out of dog food and go back to basic. They take only the best natural ingredients and dehydrate them to remove the moisture.

When you get the food home you rehydrate the food with warm water and leave it for about 15 minutes before serving.

I am not keen on the smell of dog food, especially not tinned food. It has always turned my stomach! With this Pure Pet Food, you hardly smell anything, in fact there isn’t even much smell once it is rehydrated. The best part was that Red absolutely loved the food, he demolished his bowl every time I put it down!

I tried to make 2 meals and put one in the fridge for later in the day but found it just as easy to make it at his meal times. So I have stuck to just making it as we go along now.

You can buy Pure Pet Food direct from their site here or from all good pet food stockists.


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