*Review* Realcoffee.com Dolce Gusto pods

Our Dolce Gusto machine is the one kitchen gadget that gets used the most. It wasn’t very expensive, we just have the Dolce Gusto Melody in cream which we picked up when it was half price. The machines themselves always seem to come up on offer.

The pods however are not the cheapest to buy. We have always brought the branded ones, simply as they are the only ones we have ever seen however at £4.50 for a box (this would be 8 cups of latte for example) it is quiet expensive.

So when Real Coffee got in touch to see if we would be interested in trying out their compatible pods which work out a fraction of the price, we thought we’d see how they gave the originals a run for the money.

To get the best value from Real Coffee you are better buying in bulk if you can, the more you buy the better. For example if you purchase their largest pack which contains 30 packs of coffee, you will be paying £2.95 per pack. This is a saving of £1.55 per pack or £46.50 overall on 30 packs.

Dolce Gusto
Of course this may not be suitable for everyone depending on how much you drink however they do offer smaller packages or you can just buy individual packs for £3.75, still saving 75p per pack on the originals. One thing I love about their packages is you don’t have to have just one type of coffee.
In each of the package you have the choice on which type of coffee you have. So you can order a complete mix or just one type, it is completely up to you.

We received a bundle of different coffees to try out and I have to say we couldn’t really taste any difference in the coffee. Yes it tasted slightly different but to be honest it was just as nice, in fact so good in fact I don’t think anyone would notice if I was to swap them out!

Dolce Gusto

Overall we were really impressed with the coffee we received and will definetly be saving a few pounds going forward and ordering direct from them in future!

They do have a special offer for our readers too! For 1 week only if you buy a small pack you will get a free CUBE included (priced at £8 it holds 20 capsules) with your order, this offer ends 10th September 2017! To redeem this offer use the code MUMMYVSWORK at the checkout!


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