*Review* Scooby Doo Mask of the Blue Falcon DVD

We love getting deliveries from Warner Bros even more now they come in this pretty cool wrapping paper!

Scooby Doo

However this month it was the kids turn to get excited as we received Scooby Doo Mask of the Blue Falcon on DVD. Ethan absolutely loves Scooby Doo however Kayleigh is always a bit wary of the bad man in the episodes. For this DVD though she sat and watched it from start to finish!

Scooby Doo

In this film Scooby and the gang are attending a gigantic comic book convention when one of the comic book villans comes to attack in real life. Throughout the movie Scooby and the gang are on the hunt for the villan. The film which runs for approx 74 minutes keeps you guessing the whole way through as to who the real villain is.

It is a great film that both Kayleigh and Ethan loved and took me back to my childhood as it was a classic Scooby Doo story! Well worth a watch! This was released on DVD the 18th February and would make a great alternative for an easter gift.

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