*Review* SpiroBouncer

After having our new grass laid in the garden it was time for us to start hunting around for the best toddler friendly toys that didn’t take up too much space.

So when we we’re contacted and offered the chance of reviewing the SpiroBouncer from TP toys, I was intrigued as it’s the first time I had seen anything like it. It looked amazing from the pictures & videos I had seen.

Once it arrived I set about putting it together myself to see how easy it was & it was very easy & quick to do. The base is to recommended to be filled with stand to ensure it stays on the floor whilst in use however I did not have any sand so used water instead which seems to do the same job. The toy itself is very sturdy & so far we haven’t had it tip over (thats with 2 toddlers clambering all over it!) The balls for the seat are very clever & are so easy to pump up using a little pump similar to a football pump.

The Spirobouncer is a great all round toy as it can spin & bounce, even at the same time. Aimed at 2-5 year olds it is great for a pair of toddlers, plus the soft cushion ball on the seat helps to minimise impact & maximise the bounce.

One thing I really loved about this SpiroBouncer is the fact its wipe clean, there is no where for grubby hands to leave marks that you can’t get off, this is why it is great outdoors too!

We have used this both inside & out, with Kayleigh & Ethan both loving it. The size and height are both ideal for toddler & the spinning part isn’t too fast, which means it appeals to more of an age range.

Overall we were very impressed with the SpiroBouncer and it is available from all good retailers including TP Toys and John Lewis at a RRP £49.99, which is great value for a toy which I think would last years.

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