*Review* Staccups by University Games

We recently received the new game Staccups by University Games to give a try out on our family nights with the kids.

To win the game is pretty simple, you need to get rid of all your cups to win. You can stack your cups by matching your cup colour to the colour on the base of the cup that is top of the stack.

Sounds simple right?

Well the game itself is really simple in concept but getting your mind to think at such a speed is much harder than it sounds. Just when you think you have cracked the next move your opponent beats you to it and then you are back to square one to make the next move.

Staccups review Staccups review
It is really easy to set up and get going and I can imagine over the festive period it is one of those games that lots of families will be getting out to play. Each game is over in a matter of minutes too so you can get lots of little rounds in.

Kayleigh and Ethan both enjoyed the game but it took them a while to get into the swing of it all.

This is a really popular game in our house and I think that the game is really quick to set up and play has really helped.

You can get your Staccups on Amazon and from major toy stockists but be quick, I think this is going to be really popular this Christmas with lots of families.

*Review* Staccups by University Games



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