*Review* Start-rite shoes

So most of us are either on the build up for the return to school or have just gone back to school but how many of us walk to school?

Start-rite have launched the #GBW2S (the Great British Walk to School) campaign to help encourage parents to walk to school. I admit, I tend to drive to school, this isn’t to do with laziness but I come straight from work to get Kayleigh and Ethan and work is too far from the school to give me enough time to get there. I do however park a few streets away and walk the last part of the journey.

Why is Start-rite celebrating the walk to school?
The British walk to school is in decline. Eight in 10 parents of primary school children walked to school, but now nearly a third drive, and more than one in five parents has never even considered walking their child to school*. Start-rite, which has been protecting the nation’s feet for over 200 years, is celebrating The Great British Walk to School with #GBW2S, to reignite our enthusiasm for this much-loved tradition, get more people taking the healthy route to school, and cut down on traffic at the school gates. We recognise that some parents have no choice but to drive, so we are also encouraging parents to park a little further away and walk the final half mile with their children. Fun Packs and information is available at start-rite.co.uk/greatbritishwalktoschool and through the #GBW2S Map, watch our Great British heritage come to life through the eyes of our walking school children.

They polled 500 parents from across the UK (along with their own experiences..!) and created #Walkordrive as a humorous insight into the trials and tribulations of those who drive the school run. It’s now available to watch on Start-rite’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Also coming up in the next few days are :

  • #GBW2S Fun Fact Pack– Parents can download this fun activity pack, designed especially for the walk to school, from www.start-rite.co.uk/greatbritishwalktoschool
  • #GBW2S Map– Gives children a chance to put their school on the map. Parents and children are invited to submit a photo of their walk to school to Start-rite, when the new term starts. These will then be inserted into the #GBW2S Map on start-rite.co.uk/greatbritishwalktoschool – you will be able to check the map to see your photo appear in a gallery of walks to school from across the country

Start-rite sent us two pairs of their school shoes for Kayleigh and Ethan to encourage them to get a bit more active! Kayleigh got a pair of Beta black leather and  Ethan a pair of Rotate.

Start-Rite Start-Rite Start-Rite

I loved the design of both shoes as they are classic designs but ones that always go well with the school uniform.

I was very impressed with the quality of both pairs of shoes. They are both black leather but they are very light weight. Great quality pairs of shoes which will last them very well until their feet grow again!  

*Living Streets’ Must Try Harder report, 2013

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