*Review* Sudocrem Mooses

Sudocrem is probably one of the biggest names for essentials when it comes to a newborns and now their range is expanding.

They have just launched their new range of Sudocrem Mooses, consisting of a moistuing moose and a suncream moose and we are very lucky to have had a chance to try them both!



Obviously in the current weather conditions we haven’t had the chance to try out the suncream but we will come the sunnier weather and we will share our outcome.


So the moisturising moose comes a little squirty bottle which is really easy to use, it’s not one of those annoying squirty bottles where you intend to squeeze a little out and end up emptying the whole can.

The mousse is hypoallergenic and tested by dermatologists so its great for little skin and even Kayleigh’s skin which is super sensitive has benefitted from it. It also has the added benefit of ProDerm Technology®, which is a clinically proven leap forward in simple and effective skin care. Its patented mousse formulation has both skin moisturising and barrier-strengthening properties.

The mousse closely mimics the skin’s composition in order to gently penetrate, moisture and protect its outer layer. 

They recommend you use a golf ball size of moose and you can get approximately 75 uses out of the can however this will vary depending on how much or how little you use.


The mousse itself is fantastic, it’s not sticky and is really easy to rub into their delicate skin. Its best used after a bath to help on hydrated skin however we have used it in everyday use and it works just as well. Another great thing about this is as it is in a moose form rather than a cream it makes it easier and quicker to apply to those wriggly children!

It would appear that Sudocrem have gone and done it again, making yet another fantastic product!

Currently this is only available at boots and independent pharmacies, so make sure you keep a look out next time you pop to the shops.

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