*Review* The Day That

I recently took delivery of a picture that took my breath away.

We received this gorgeous picture from The Day That just a few weeks ago yet every time I see it, it makes me smile.

You’re probably thinking its just a gorgeous picture, indeed it is, but to me it is so much more than that. This picture was taken on the day Kayleigh was born.

The moment it arrived and I unwrapped the bubble wrap, I felt an overwhelming sense of emotion. Looking at the personal note on the bottom indicating it was the day Kayleigh was born, it transferred me back to my labour.

Thinking about the picture and the sunrise makes me think about where I was on that day and what was I doing.

The strange thing is I remember.

Around the time the picture was taken I was just drifting in and out of sleep after having my epidural and I remember waking. My other half was at my bedside with a lamp on reading a book and then I could hear the birds tweeting away in the tree’s outside as the sun started to rise.

I remember having this sense of calm even though I was almost 12 hours into labour and was due to give birth in a few hours time. It was just so peaceful.

I think this is why the picture makes me feel so emotional, it transports me back to that time almost 4 years ago when our life changed forever and we became a family.

Starting back in 2005 The Day That have captured thousands of pictures over the year which transports people back in time for a whole range of memories.

They also offer a great selection of frames too when selecting your picture to enable you to buy a gift for a variety of budgets. This one here is the classic picture, priced at £110 but worth every penny!

The Day That offer such beautiful pictures which I can guarantee would make any new parents heart melt, they are ideal unique baby gifts to remember that special moment in someone’s life. Have a look at dates special to you as I guarantee they will be breathtaking.

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