*Review* Trolls POD’ular Tree playset & Hair in the Air Poppy

*Review* Trolls POD’ular Tree playset & Hair in the Air Poppy

Just before Christmas we were very lucky to take a delivery of fab Trolls toys for the kids to try out and enjoy during their festive break.

Both Kayleigh and Ethan are huge fans of the Trolls film and short film so the delivery went down well!


The Trolls POD’ular Tree playset is a toy that will provide any little one with hours of fun! The set is over 16 inches tall however it is quite slim so it is not too difficult to store.

One of the great features with this toy is the fact the kids are able to customize the way the set looks. It comes with 4 different hanging pods which can me arranged on tree however you like. One of these includes a lounge area where the Poppy figure which comes with the set can relax.

Trolls Trolls

You can also send Poppy down the zipline or down the slide on the tree when they are escaping from the Bergens!

This is a great set for any troll fan and I can see there being lots of fun coming up with it too!

We also received the Hair in the Air Poppy doll which Kayleigh really liked! When you press the button on Poppy’s gown you see her light up with sound effects.


She also comes with a comb for her long pink hair (it really is long, and it is bendable too so you can bend and twist it to create lots of styles). Also when you brush her hair you set of the twinkling lights in the pattern of the brushing. She also comes complete with her crown too, perfect to complete her look.

Poppy is such a huge part of Trolls and a character that so many little ones love, making this the perfect toy for any fan!

 Trolls POD'ular Tree playset & Hair in the Air Poppy

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