*Review* Vampire Diaries

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The lovely people at Warner Bros recently sent me the first season of Vampire Diaries to watch and enjoy.

Now I’ll be completely honest, I’ve never watched any of the Vampire movies or tv series that are out there so I wasn’t really to sure what to expect.

The series is based around 3 main characters, Elena, Stefan and Damon.

Starting of with Elena returning to school after the death of her parents where she comes across Stefan for the first time. As their relationship starts to build she is completely unaware that Stefan is in fact a vampire. There is more trouble ahead when Stefan’s troublesome brother arrives in town too, causing havoc as he does so.

After only a few episodes I was hooked! As the story lines unravel there is so much more that comes out. I cant wait to see whether they can keep the fact they are vampires under wraps!

I admit at times I was so engrossed in the episodes that at times the music and what was going on it made me jump!

This is defiantly a series for those with a love of vampires and romance. I can’t wait to finish watching this series and then catch up with the next few series!

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