*Review* Vax Air Lift Pet Pro Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you are followings us on social media, you will know we are a pet family. We have 2 dogs (Red our Siberian husky and Daisy the pug) plus a hamster.

They are part of the family however they create so much mess! The hamster not so much, however, we must hoover at least once a day, if not twice a day with Red dropping his coat so often. Over the years we have had many of the big-name pet vacuum cleaners and our last one was meant to be a pet specific one, however, it got clogged with dog hair every time you used it (not helpful in the slightest…)

Vax kindly came to the rescue though with our problems by sending us the new Vax Air Lift Pet Pro Upright Vacuum Cleaner to try out.

Vax Air Lift Pet Pro Upright Vacuum Cleaner

First impressions from getting it out of the box were good. There was no fiddly assembly, just simple pop together parts. This is the same for when you wish to use the hose, for example, you can simply click it out of place and clip on the attachment then they are quick to detach and pop it back into the vacuum cleaner.

There are some great features on this vacuum cleaner too:

  1. Corded lift out – You can use the main section of the vacuum cleaner away from the stand, simply pop out the middle section and use the hose attachments on those hard to reach areas. Perfect for stairs or car boots for example.
  2. Easy to steer – It is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre without losing the suction. It also has a long power cable which makes it easy to complete the hoovering in quick time!
  3. It has great suction – This is probably the best vacuum cleaner we have ever had when it comes to hoovering. It picks up so much hair and dust, giving your carpets a good clean.

The only real drawbacks we have found is the main head on the vacuum cleaner is the a little too big which makes it difficult to get under units and the hose is a bit on the tight side which can pull it along as you are using it (however I’m not sure if this is due to it being a new hose). However, these are just minor details really, the pro’s massively outweighed the cons and it is a great machine.

Vax Air Lift Pet Pro Upright Vacuum Cleaner

We used this vacuum cleaner after using our previous one and this was the amount of hair it picked up, now considering we had a pet vacuum cleaner before this shows just how much it picks up as it goes along.

Currently, this vacuum cleaner is £129.99 (normal price is £189.99) which is a complete bargain, we have paid double the normal price on previous brands and they have been nowhere near as powerful or as good as this Vax Air Lift Pet Pro Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

If you have pets that drop a lot of hair this is the machine for you!

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