*Review* Warner Bros Halloween Box

Warner Bros have come to my rescue in recent weeks and sent the kids a couple of DVD’s to help me have a few minutes peace whilst recovering and the kids something fun to watch!

In our survival box of goodies we received:

  • Tom and Jerry: Tricks & Treats
  • Ben 10: destroy all Aliens
  • Plus some sweeties, bubbles and a cat mask!

The moment the box opened the kids were diving in to see what we had, the certainly love getting these little boxes of treats (I admit I hid the haribo for me to eat once the kids were asleep, I needed cheering up!)

The first DVD we watched was Ben 10: Destroy all Aliens. Ethan over the last 6-8 weeks has discovered all the superhero type cartoons and loves them. Top of his list is Ben 10 and Spiderman so he was super excited to be able to finally have a DVD to watch.

The film itself is about the Omnitrix – a watch-like device that enables Ben to change into various alien forms in order to fight evil extraterrestrials – malfunctions, Ben finds himself in a tricky situation as a mysterious enemy seeks revenge. After modifications to the Omnitrix leave Ben unable to transform back into human form, he needs help from Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen to save the day.

In total the film runs for 70 minutes and it had Ethan hooked the whole way through! With action from start to finish he throughly enjoyed every minute of it and not one point was too scary for him to watch it.

One for the stocking for any Ben 10 fan and you can pick it up Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens (DVD + UV Copy) from Amazon for just £5!

Our 2nd offering was Tom and Jerry: Tricks and Treats [DVD]. Tom and Jerry have been around since I was a little girl and I’m so pleased that Kayleigh and Ethan love it just as much as I did!

Jam packed with 20 spooky episodes from the classic cat and mouse this DVD is one you could watch over and over. The classic cat chasing mouse never grows tiring and this has been watched 3 times since we received it! Kayleigh and Ethan giggle their way through the whole thing!

This movie although some are set in spooky houses etc I wouldn’t say it’s completely for Halloween, I think it would be suitable all year round and for £5.99 too it’s a perfect Christmas gift!


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