*Review* The Wet Brush

Just before we flew out on holiday we received a new hairbrush to try to tame Kayleigh’s wild hair!

The Wet brush

The Wet Brush took the US by storm and became the number 1 selling detangling brush. It was designed with revolutionary bristles that are specially developed to use on wet hair (though it can be used on dry hair) to be flexible and firm at the same time.

It also comes with a rubberized, non slip handle which is perfect for when you are brushing wet hair after a bath.

Kayleigh’s hair is a nightmare.

She has curly thick hair which falls into ringlets, the kind most people dream of having but as beautiful as it is, when you are 5 anything longer than 1 minute brushing is too long and we have a battle brushing it every morning.

However that has all changed since we got our new wet brush.

Brushing her hair whilst its dry has improved however the biggest improvement is after bath. The Wet Brush simply glides through her hair without catching any knots and within a few seconds her whole hair is brushed.

It is perfect for those with little ones who need a hand detangling the knots, it works on thick hair too.

The Wet Brush retails at £11.99 which is a great price for the product and can be purchased from www.sallyexpress.com


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