*Review* Zaggora HotPants 2.0

A few weeks ago I took delivery of the new Zaggora HotPants 2.0 to try out.

Their arrival timing was perfect as we had just booked our family holiday abroad and were embarking on a getting some sort of beach body.

I admit I am the first to be skeptical when it comes to products that promote to aid weight loss and help you get in shape but I’m converted!

Zaggora HotPants work by increasing your core temperature, in turn making you sweat and burning those calories as you do so. More than that the technology help break down the fat and therefore helping to improve the appearance of cellulite.

Now post children I’ve tried a number of things to help lose weight, some have been succesful others have not. As always though the weight has returned and gotten even worse. So with our holiday looming I’ve decided to make lifestyle changes for us all, including our exercise.

I’ve now taken to working out at least 3 times a week for about 30 minute and in those few weeks I’m already seeing differences (wishing I had taken pictures now!).

After my work out I literally have to slide the hotpants off as they are stuck to me where I’ve worked up such a sweat!

So far my legs have started to change, they have a smoother outlook and the cellulite is going away…. yes I did say that, I’ve found a cure for my cellulite!

I’m so impressed with them that tomorrow I’m planning on starting the Zaggora 2 week challenge. 2 weeks to lose 2 dress sizes. Also I would love to get one of their tops too, especially if it can help my wobbly tummy section I have left to get rid off!

It’s clear to see why these are so popular and fast becoming a big hit across the world, one of the best fitness products on the market!

You can buy your pair online here!

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