*Review* Zoflora

I am constantly cleaning in this house and have probably tried most products on the market, so being offered to try Zoflora (one I’ve never tried) was something I thought, Why not?!

I received a bottle of their Country Garden concentrated disinfectant to try out and it wasn’t long before I got to use it!

Zoflora can be used on a whole host of areas around the house so it really is a product for the whole home. Our bottle was contained 56 ml which dilutes down at 1 cap per 140ml – the bottle makes 2.2 litres of full strength disinfectant, enough to clean our bungalow many times over!

The Disinfectant itself worked really well and left a lovely strong smell of the outside inside, which is one thing i really liked about this product. I hate it when you clean a house and all you can smell is the strong smell of bleach!

One clever tip I picked up on the Zoflora site was to dilute as instructed then put it into an empty spray bottle which is a great idea!

I found this a great product and would recommend this brand to others 🙂

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