*Review*Aquabeads Cars 3 Playset

*Review*Aquabeads Cars 3 Playset

Ethan was kindly sent a Cars 3 playset from Aquabeads to try out and give his thoughts on the set.

This is the perfect set for any little ones that are going to be off for the half term in the coming weeks.

In the box you receive the beads to make 4 characters, bead palette, layout tray, bead peeler, sprayer, 2 double-sided template sheets and instructions. The layout tray slots on top of the bead palette, so when you are done for the day you can keep everything packed up nicely.

The double-sided templates slot into the back of the layout tray and children can simply follow the designs to create their favourite Cars character. Then it is just the case of spraying the design with water and leaving it to dry before completing the design.

Once I had set the beads up in the tray and slotted the template sheet into the tray, Ethan was able to create the rest of the design on his own.

The little beads are a bit fiddly and a few times they did end up in the wrong slot, so he borrowed some tweezers to make it easier to move! He also had a little trouble with the spray bottle, it worked fine for me however he just could not get it to work!

Overall though the set was a big hit with him and the majority of this he could do on his own.

He had fun with this set and I’m sure it would be a big hit with lots of children we know. The great thing about Aquabeads is they are popular with children due to the ranges they have (how cool do the Minion ones look?). However, they are also popular with parents as they are can provide hours of fun without breaking the bank or the house getting over run with lots of crafting material.

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