School Holidays… not so fun for a working parent…

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I’m sat at my desk writing this in my lunch break whilst a huge chunk of people I know are enjoying the Easter holidays with their little ones.

To me school holidays mean nothing, I only get 25 days holiday a year and by the time you’ve taken Christmas off and the kids birthday’s plus any poorly children days off it means you have hardly any left if you book time off for a break in the sunshine. Especially not enough to cover the whole of the school holidays.

However it doesn’t stop the guilt.

All the pictures on Instagram of kids having an amazing time with their parents in the outdoors, baking or just generally having a lie in pang that feeling of guilt.

I know Kayleigh and Ethan probably having an amazing time with their grandparents, they always do but it doesn’t stop me feeling like I should be there.

I should be the one who’s lounging around in our pj’s till 11am.

It should be me there baking the cakes and watching them licking the spoon’s after.

We should all be up at the park, freezing to death but enjoying the fresh air.

But I’m not… I’m now about to return to work as my break is almost over ….

However I am thankful that I have a job which enables us to keep a roof over our head and pay the bills and I’m also thankful that I have Daddyvswork and a healthy Kayleigh and Ethan as at the end of the day that is what matters the most in life. Our 2 week break away has maybe realise how fast life is passing and how much I should value everything I have and every minute of the day and I do.

Like my therapist told me this week “don’t think of time taken to sit back and watch the world pass as a waste, think of it as a chance to savour that moment you wont get back”. That I do on a daily basis!

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