Setting the Autumn theme with Lights4fun

Setting the Autumn theme with Lights4fun

Autumn is here and the darker nights are here, but I am very much welcoming it as Lights4fun has sent us some of their Autumn themed lights and I am not going to lie, this is the first time we have decorated our home for the season and I love it!

We don’t have the biggest of space in our home or even stairs as we live in a bungalow however, this does not mean that we need to miss out as you can see.

I was kindly sent the following items to create our beautiful display:

I’m not going to lie, I was unsure what to expect in our delivery as you never know what you will get compared to what is pictures. We were blown away though by what was delivered and can not fault the products at all.

Ever since the delivery arrived, I look forward to the time in the evening when the lights can be dimmed and the pumpkins and candles lit.

The ombre candles sit within the garland to light up the side, with the flickering candle mimicking that of a real candle, it gives that gentle glow to bring a calming theme to the room. I didn’t realise until recently that you can get a remote for the candles, this will be something I will be picking up in the coming weeks. These candles are operated with 2 AA batteries and we have a range of rechargeable batteries that will mean they will be lasting for a while! The garland itself brings a warm feeling to the home with its orange, yellow and green colour tone to the side, at 2m long, it would suit either a sideboard, stairs or even radiator cover like our home.

Setting the Autumn theme with Lights4fun

Setting the Autumn theme with Lights4fun

The glass pumpkin has taken pride in place on my desk and even during the day if it is not lit, it still has that touch of class and elegance. In the evening its design allows the candle to lighten the room.

My hands down favourite item is the mini antique pumpkins, they are petite, classy and cute at the same time. During the day I don’t have them on and they have a champagne colouring to them that gives a lovely ornament effect and then in the evening when they get turned on they have a warm Autumn glow that I have found so relaxing.

Setting the Autumn theme with Lights4fun Setting the Autumn theme with Lights4fun

I have said to Daddy Vs Work that I have found it so peaceful in the evening to sit with the lights dimmed and these all lit, it is just so calming in the room and creates a sense of calm.

It is not just Autumn lights that Lights4fun do though, they have a pretty extensive range of products on offer on their site and I have already got my eye on their gorgeous Acrylic Duck Family Christmas Figures and Winter garland. How cute are these?

I feel very fortunate in our blogging journey to be introduced to brands that I might not have been aware of before and they turn out to become one of our favourite brands. This is the case with Lights4fun, I have been so impressed with the items that they have sent over, we will be purchasing from them in the future. We are not saying this because of them sending us some items to review, this is genuinely based on how good the items that have arrived, the quality is great and they are very reasonably priced. I would recommend checking out their Autumn range before it is gone!