Springing life back into your home

Springing life back into your home

Spring is here, bringing with it lighter mornings and listening to the birds tweeting away in the garden. It just seems to be able to lift everyone’s mood when the sun is out, it takes away the daily stresses just sitting in the garden.

However my favourite thing is the brightness that it brings to your home and the touches of colour that start to pop up. Gone are the warming browns and reds, bringing in the beautiful yellows from the daffodils and the clean white lines.

Another thing I have seen taking Instagram and social media by storm is succulents, they seem to be popping up everywhere. I can’t help but feel like I missed the boat on them however this is a great article on what plants can bring to your home and some great way to display them. It’s true what they say about flowers and plants bringing a smile to your face and this is a quick and easy way to add a pop of colour to any home without breaking the budget.

Photo: Bloomingville

It’s also around this time I start looking DIY and changing the rooms up, much to Daddy Vs Work’s dismay as to be fair our home is in good condition. Every home can do with a little spring makeover though, right?!

I recently discovered Lionshome, the place to go if you are in need of inspiration, home articles or even a place to shop for all those beautiful things. They also have some amazing guest bloggers who are there to inspire you with y

My favourite section on their site personally has to be the kitchen category, as I am always buying little gadgets or accessories for the kitchen.

It seems to be the one place that I like to spend time making sure it is all organised and ready for the next meal cooked. Truth be told, I’ve probably got way too many gadgets and gizmo’s for what I need but that doesn’t stop me from looking.

My next big project though in our house will be our extension,  giving our little bungalow an additional bedroom so the kids have their own space. Also giving us a larger bedroom which will become a bit of an office space as I work through lots of projects and plans this year.

I also have big plans for the office space. It will be the first time I really have a dedicated area for writing and just getting through the workload that sometimes builds up. It will also be somewhere for me to feel inspired and relaxed as I work.

In the new office area I want it to be bright and clean lined so I can work, I stick to the the motto clean desk, clean mind. I just seem to work better with less clutter.

That being said though I do want the new area to represent me. I want it to have prints of my favourite pictures, I want to have the beautiful stationary on the desk and of course I want to have fairy lights!

This is my favourite thing about planning a makeover, no matter how big or how small, it’s all about the inspiration.

In the current day and age of technology, your inspiration is just a click of the mouse away. From the amazing selection of bloggers out there, Pinterest or sites like Lionshome, there is so many ways to not only get ideas but also store them in your only boards and collections. Then as the trends change you can start your boards again and just keep adding to them as they do the full circle of trends.

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