*Reiew* Squashblox

We were very fortunate to receive some fantastic Squashblox to review from Maps Toys.

Squashblox are a pack of 8 soft panels with velcro down all the sides which enable you to create pretty much anything you like.

After seeing the ideas on the pack Kayleigh insisted on building a boat!










But like I said you can create pretty much anything you like!


The squares are 38cm by 38cm and are 2.5cm deep. So for little ones this covers a fair amount of floor space.

The great thing about them being so versatile is you can never run out of ideas with them. Kayleigh even came up with the idea to use them as hop scotch squares which I thought was a great idea.

The squares can be packed away on top of each other out-of-the-way, the only thing i think it would benefit from is some sort of bag or container to carry them in. We decided to take ours on a road trip to Devon and use them in the caravan for entertaining the kids but they were a bit awkward at times to carry where as if they had a little bag this wouldn’t be an issue but none the less this would not be an issue of you decided to keep them in your house.

The fabric on the squares is lovely and soft and at times I’ve found my 2 sat on the top of the blox’s using them as a seat! The age range on these is 0+ and I agree they are great for all ages, the only thing we found was the velcro does not run the whole length of the blox’s which mean’s sometimes when my two get a little bit rough they come apart easily, but this isn’t a major issue at all just means more time building things again, which I suspect is probably the plan!

To buy some Squash Blox you need to head to Maps Toys for stockists but prices start at £34.95 for a pack of 8. Which for the hours of use we’ve had out of ours so far and no doubt the hours to come I think is a great investment!

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