Stargazer Nail Design Blogger Competition!

When Stargazer announced they were looking for bloggers to try their nail products then enter the designs for a competition, i thought, why not!

I haven’t painted my nails just for the fun factor in a very long time (since pre-Kayleigh!) so was looking forward to receiving my bundle.

So the goodies we would be receiving would be a pack of nail gems, glitter shaker, nail polish and a nail art pen. The latter 3 I could pick the colour of.

So Kayleigh and I headed to their site to pick! There was so many shades of nail polish to pick from that I let Kayleigh pick. She went for number 106, which thankfully was a shade of purple! We decided to go for the rest in silver to match the gems.

So the fun began! I had to wait till the children were in bed before I commenced as I needed to concentrate. My skill level when it comes to doing my nails is pretty much zero!

So here is my design:















I used the purple nail polish to give a lovely deep colour, then i added 1 large gem and 3 small gems to my thumb nail. Then using the nail art pen i painted just the tips of the nails then shook over my glitter!

I would like to add though this was design number 4 as the rest became disasters! I tried flowers & dots too but I just could not get a consistent pattern!

I love the colour nail polish so much I even did my toes to match!

Stargazer have a great colour choice that is bold and bright! Head over to their site here or catch them on Twitter and Facebook !

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