*Review* Stuff Every Mom Should Know – Book

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As well as our competition to win a copy of this book I was kindly sent a copy to review. Stuff Every Mom Should Know by Heather Gibbs Flett and Whitney Moss is a little pocket-size guide that has handy tips and advice for a whole range of situations.

Lets face it, in todays age with access to internet and so many “experts” giving us advice it can be a daunting road being a parent, even more so first time round however this book is a great easy reference book. It contains tips like fun things to do with a baby or a toddler, how to feed a baby and how to baby proof the house. The way the book is written, isn’t in the way of them telling you what to do but more like “how about this way” if somethings isn’t working the way you are trying. Lets face it there is always times where we think after a situation “oh why didn’t I think of that”.

I love the section on surviving a party, this is something that will particularly come in handy this year with Kayleigh’s first ever pre-school party!

This hardback book would make a great gift for any new mums as it’s in a handy pocket-size hardback book, something that is easy to keep to hand. Released in March this year at £6.99 i think it’s definatly worth a read!


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