Summer holidays from a working parents perspective

The summer holidays are drawing to a close or have drawn to a close for lots of parents and there will be the parents that will be counting down the hours till their little ones go back and there will be others that will be dreading every second of them going back to school.

Then there’s me.

I’m neither, as to me its just another summer holiday I’ve had to work and miss out on all the fun one of the main reasons I am aiming to work for myself in the next few years!

I know some people will say working parents have a choice, they are right. I either work and help contribute towards our mortgage or I quit work and give up our house as we couldn’t afford to keep paying for it but after scrimping and saving to get on the ladder back in 2007 I’m sure as hell not prepared to give up all that hard work!

Today the kids decided to end the summer holidays by given me an extra dollop of working parent guilt.

Not sure if your children are anything like Kayleigh and Ethan but as the holidays have worn on their behaviour has got worse, the don’t sleep and can be little devils.

However todays episode really pushed the limit…

It has made me feel awful for just trying to do what is best for us all.

After some time out to reflect on what they have done tonight has been much better however it doesn’t stop the guilt.

I try and balance everything the best I can, attending all parents evenings, sports days and any other events that they have at school however I can’t help wonder if I’m still not doing enough?

We’ve had day’s out, craft days, film days and lunch dates but still doesn’t feel like I’m doing enough.

Working Parent

If anything the only thing today has reminded me is that I will get into freelance work and work for myself! If you are looking to hire someone to write freelance or work on your social media with you get in touch, like I said in this post, my keyboard is waiting…..




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