Taking care of our health a little more

Taking care of our health a little more

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There is no hiding from it, time is not kind to anyone! As we get older Daddy Vs Work and I are a little more aware of our health, at times we are not always the best at keeping healthy however we are aware of age catching up with us.

For example, Daddy Vs Work has had bad knees for years, arthritis runs in his family and there is a high chance he does have it. However, it doesn’t mean he will get it checked out to see if there is any treatment for it! Currently, he just tries to ensure he is taking cod liver oil for his joints, likelihood is though it will need more medical treatment in the coming years as it won’t repair itself over time.

To be fair though I can’t really say much, I know my hearing is not great. In fact, I was treated for hearing loss but I just get on with it now. If you are like me and have hearing issues, you could always head to Auris Ear Care to get your hearing checked out.

With both of us not getting any younger, we are aware that we need to try and change some of our habits. Not only eating habits but also our levels of activity. Just taking 10 or 15 minutes a day to do some walking would make a big difference to our health levels. We are also trying to ensure we get more of the vitamins and minerals our body’s need to keep healthy too.

We know that you can’t always stop our health deteriorating over time and there are companies such as Fenetic Wellbeing that offer products to help your mobility as you get a little older, allowing you to maintain as much independence as possible.

I don’t believe for one second we will ever become health fanatics living on healthy smoothies with all the weird and wonderful additions you can add in the health food world, however, everyone can do something a little different to make their lives that little bit healthier. There is never going to be that perfect match for everyone, so just making it work for you is the best you can do for your body and health!

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