Thank you for your generosity!

Those of you that read my blog will remember the post i put about the pre-school having a Christmas raffle to raise some much-needed funds and asking for some companies to come forward if they can help with a raffle prize and trust me they didn’t disappoint!

First of all was the lovely Kiddicare – now you know by now that I blog for them weekly but they pulled out all the stops this time offering the preschool this gorgeous toy box. It was beautiful!


Next up was Bigjigs Toys who offered the preschool a wonderful train set… in fact it was the same one that was extremely popular on the blog competition! It was also the first prize to be taken at the raffle followed by many groans from the children as they wanted to win it! They also kindly donated a Ambi toys pull along dog toy.


Also i managed to get hold of 2 return tickets for Monarch Airlines schedule flights  – which is a fab way of saving a few pennies on next years holiday!

Two more prizes I manged to receive were Armarni Code and Empori Armarni from the lovely Alpha inflight – suppliers for the products you buy on board an aircraft.

Last but no means least I also managed to get some lovely gift boxes from Visionary Soap Company. If you want to buy lovely soap and other bath products this is the place to go and I would highly recommend the lemongrass soap!

So as you can see the pre-school got some lovely donations and I want to send my warmest  from the bottom of my heart as thanks to your donations the pre-school raised the biggest amount ever for their funds! The parents and the committee and not forgetting all the staff did an amazing job and it was a magical first pre-school production!

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