That dream of winning the big money…

A weekday morning in this house starts at 5am every time as Daddy Vs Work needs to leave early to get to work and it is hard getting up that early on a daily basis!

So we are always talking about what we would do if we won on the lottery or a big bingo win like you hear of people winning! I do play the lottery and have been know to play bingo games however so far no luck in this household!

I would like to think that our luck is rolling over for the big time, however I’m well aware the odds are just against me!

But what would you really do if you was to win the big one?

For us I know it would be the end of early mornings! I do think we would both want to do something that we could put our time to, whether it be setting up a business that we could work around the children or more charity work I’m not sure.

Just the thought though of not having to worry about money from month to month and being able to treat family when you wanted would be amazing though. I know one thing is for sure that we would be booking a no expenses spared trip to Disneyland Florida and treat the kids to the holiday of a lifetime.

What would be the first thing you would buy if money was no object?

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