The Big Family Brush Up 2017

Currently we are in the middle of The Big Family Brush Up 2017.

Now if you have never heard of this campaign let me bring you up to speed on it all.

This whole campaign is here to help you get your little ones to brush their teeth on a regular basis. As well as handy tips and advice they have a great reward chart for encouraging great cleaning. You can find all of this useful information over on their site here. If your little one takes part in the teeth cleaning chart, you can upload this for your chance to win an electric toothbrush so well worth a look.

We are very strict when it comes to the kids brushing their teeth. I think this stems from the fact that we both have fillings and a missing tooth through not looking after our own teeth and want to make sure the kids don’t fall into the same habits we had.

They are both getting better but it has taken a long time to drill into them how important it is for them to look after their teeth.

Denplan have also complied a great workbook on common problems we may all have such as making sure kids brush for 2 minutes. One thing I have learnt which I didn’t realise was you should brush your teeth as soon as you get up. The acids in things such as orange juice can make the tooth enamel softer for up to an hour after eating these foods which can lead to damage if you brush too soon after.

How do your little ones get on with brushing their teeth?



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