The joys and costs of children’s birthday parties

Ah the joys of children’s birthday parties have started again.

Being an October baby, Kayleigh is one of the first to have a party in her year however then it seems like the flood gates open, at one point last year we had a party every weekend in one month with one weekend seeing 2 parties!

SunLife recently did research into household spending and income and that revealed that in the UK 8 out of 10 families with children under 16 spend around £100 on their parties.

blog-The cost of a kids birthday party-infographic

The cost doesn’t surprise me however I thought it may have been a little bit higher. We have had parties in halls with bouncy castles and face painters and we’ve also hired out soft play for parties and both of these have been similar costs.

This year Kayleigh has asked for a bowling party which is also a disco party. For this alone she has to have a minimum of 15 which come at a cost and that’s before the invites and cakes!  However it’s something that I love being able to do for Kayleigh and Ethan as they love having their friends come together and having fun together and as a parent watching their joy is worth the stress and the money!

How much do you spend on children’s parties?

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