The #PerfectGAME?

GAME have challenged bloggers to come up with their #PerfectGAME. As a gamer, I accept the challenge (Plus I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the new Wii U if I win!)

Those who know me will tell you I’ve played plenty of games over the years. My main platform is online MMO’s however we have just got an Xbox 360 so enjoying Halo 4 on there.

Over the years there has only really been 2 games that I’ve managed to get my teeth into, Renegade and World of Warcraft. Both of these have had something in them that have made me play them for quiet a few hours a week once the kids are in bed!

However both are flawed in my opinion.

Renegade is a great tactically game for trying to take your opponents base working as a team online, however there are very few maps to rotate between and once you know the tactics it is very easy to take out the opponent if your team is half decent.

World of Warcraft is probably the biggest MMO on the planet. With numeros expansions over the years and countless patches the game has evolved since I first started playing it. However its still not quiet enough to keep me playing it.

So what would I do for my #PerfectGAME? A combination of all my favourites!

I would like to play a game based on the concept of Renegade where tactically you have to go and capture points, buildings etc but with the talents and customisation of World of Warcraft.

One thing for me that killed World Of Warcraft was the achievement system. I would change this so that the achievements are recorded across accounts rather than just the individual account as constantly having to do them is kind of downer when playing, especially if you change class!

So I would take World of Warcraft, make the achievements across the accounts only and then bring into play the renegade style PVP. WoW currently has a high mix of PVP however I pretty much hated every one of them! The only one I did enjoy was Wintersgrasp so you could start to play in tanks and vehicles. I would scrap the whole lot and rebuild maps like the renegade version. This way if you wanted to just PVP there was plenty of ways to do so.

The only thing I wouldn’t do in this part is allow you to change character, if your main character is a mage then you have to stay a mage. In Renegade there is the option to upgrade you character as you earn cash to do so, you start as a basic soldier and go from there. I would amend this so you start with your current weapons however can upgrade for newer versions as per the battle.

Also I wouldn’t bring into the game quiet so many updates as it drove me crazy when they changed the game and everyone ran around like headless chickens wanting to be the first to complete it!

This is an entry to the Perfect GAME competition for the chance to win a Wii U from GAME

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