*Review* Thomas Land at Drayton Manor

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For Kayleigh’s birthday we we’re fortunate enough to be offered a family ticket to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor. Not knowing really what to expect as we had never been, we headed there with much excitement.

All Kayleigh knew about the day was it was to see Thomas the Tank Engine.

After arriving at the park, which has a massive car park! We headed straight to Thomas Land. The entry into the park was very quick and within minutes we were ready to get started.

Not knowing what to expect was a bit like an adventure, the park was packed full of toddlers and pushchairs so you don’t feel isolated with a buggy on your own. There is 12 rides in Thomas Land that will appeal to a variety of ages of Thomas Fans unfortunately, some went a little bit high/fast for Kayleigh so that limited the rides we went on but it would appeal to a family of most toddlers/young children. The actual Thomas Land is set like a little village so you have shops and music playing to add to the atmosphere.

They also have an indoor play area and possibly the biggest selection of Thomas merchandise I am ever likely to see again!

As I mentioned a little further up Kayleigh decided that some of the rides were a little too fast for her so refused to go on many of them, we did however then go on to explore a bit more of Drayton Manor itself. I think Thomas Land is likely to appeal more to those with children 4+ as this opens up much more rides for them, however younger children still enjoy the atmosphere even if they can’t go on the rides. Ethan loved looking at everything going on around him and was so excited when he came across Thomas!

We decided to have a lunch once we had finished in Thomas Land and for a change (plus because it was chilly!) we decided to get something from the park rather than take a picnic like we usually do. There is plenty of food stands to pick from, the only thing I would say is it could be a bit pricey for a family day out. We had a meal from one of their food outlets which consisted of 2 quarter pounders, 2 children’s burgers, 4 small chips and 4 drinks and that cost £19.99 so if your planning a day out to Drayton Manor but money is tight I would advice taking a picnic and saving your money to get a memento from the gift store on your way home to remind you of your day.

As a lot of the rides in Drayton Manor are too big for Kayleigh and Ethan we decided to head into the zoo after we had eaten. Zoo’s are a big family favourite in our household and we love going so were excited to see there was one on the map!

Overall we had a great day – the kids enjoyed themselves. I must admit Thomas Land wasn’t quiet what I was expecting but I blame myself for that as I didn’t really look into it properly! However I think that it’s a great family day out with a wide range of things to do on the park for all age groups.

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