*Review* Totseat

When we got the e-mail offering us the chance to review the fantastic Totseat I admit I could not wait! Ethan is out of the stage of needing a booster seat but he is a nightmare at getting to sit still at dinner time or more importantly when were out and about eating.

I thought I’d give you a little insight into how Totseat was invented

Necessity is the mother of invention

The first Totseat travel highchair was made from the lining of a wedding dress and the second from a sheet. Many prototypes later and after more than 900 testing experiences on a huge variety of chairs, our washable, squashable fabric highchair was born. So, a big thank you to all our NCT friends, and others, who went out into the world armed with notebooks, disposable cameras (it was a while ago!), prototypes and a willingness to give it a go. Their feedback inspired the business – they said eating out was easier – and more fun – with a Totseat, so, here we all are.

It was such a great invention too!!!

So our Totseat arrived and we were keen to put it into action (that night in fact!). It comes in a handy little bag so would make a great gift for someone too 🙂

Totseat comes in a range of 8 different patterns, each one with a great design for both boys and girls and even a neutral one that would be suitable for both boys and girls. We were fortunate enough to receive the Savannah pattern which is a suitable grey design with gorgeous giraffes all over it. Ethan loved it!

The Totseat is really easy to fit to any chair, I even took it with me to our local stay and play to try it on their seats and demonstrated it to some of the other mums. They all agreed it was a fantastic idea!

The chair comes in one main section plus an additional part that is used on chairs where a section of the back is missing to ensure your child’s saftey at all times.

This Totseat lives in my changing bag so I have it to hand at all times! It’s simply a product that’s too good to leave at home.

They retail at £24.00 (£24.50 for the denim one) which I think is amazing value for not only a great product but also for the quality of the product! Its something that would be used so regular that you would easily get your moneys worth and more out of it.

Defiantly 5/5 for this product!


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