Uh Oh.. what have i taken on?!

So yesterday I went about sorting out my ACCA qualification as I thought I better get a move on as its due to start the beginning of March. After filling in all the applications and getting it all signed of by work, then nearly passing out at how much they are charging for just 2 of the 11 syllabus. I felt ready and good to start.


A few people have commented on how am I going to cope with that, work & 2 young children and I’ve always brushed it off. I’ll be ok I keep telling myself.

So last night I sat writing all my study dates in the diary and on the calender so I didn’t miss any off the dates I am due to attend (doing it all on an online live classroom). Then reality dawned on me, I am going to spend 3 months studying online fitting 56 1/2 hours if studying in after work over a 3 month period plus any extra studying I feel i need to do extra then ending it with two 3 hour. Followed by a 2 month wait to see if I have passed.

Now I know I can do it, but its going to be hard work. I think that the reality of just how hard this is going to be has shaken me a bit. It’s not a case of if you can’t/don’t want to do it then don’t. These qualifications will have a huge impact on where my career goes and what my next step is so its something I have to do, I just wish it wasn’t going to be so hard!

I am also a little worried about the stress of it all is going to affect me and how I will cope with that. I’m hoping as I’m older and wiser (no laughing!) that I will be able to cope a bit better! The last exam I sat was back in June 2008 so I need to get back into the right frame of mind too!

Anyway over the next few months expect a lot of rants and tears and its going to be a long hard slog to the finish line, and then the next 9 exams after!


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