*Review* Panache Tango Underwear Set

The underwear market is a huge place! With so many brands around it makes women’s decision a nightmare when it comes to purchasing underwear.

There is a huge selection of colours, designs and materials to pick from. Panache have a gorgeous selection of underwear in their range, all in fantastic colours and designs. Their range is aimed at the D+ market going up to KK!

I admit I’m quiet a plain Jane when it comes to underwear sticking to the normal colours rather than the bright bold designs. For me I couldn’t think of anything worse than having a bra strap on show through a work top and it being a vibrant pink or something where everyone is looking at you. It reminds me of that advert where the lady gets out of the lift and her skirt gets stuck revealing all to her work colleague, how embarrassing… luckily its never happened to me!

I received the Panache Tango bra and knickers to review. These are far bolder than anything I currently own! The design itself is a very delicately sewn floral pattern. It is so discreet it would sit perfectly under a blouse without the bra showing through.

The set itself is very well made and is a gorgeous fit. The quality from Panche is clear to see. Having a look around the rest of their site its clear to see they have something for everyone on the site. Lots of designs, colours and shapes! They also have a swimwear, maternity and sports range!

If you’re looking to treat yourself to some new underwear this Christmas I would stop at Panache before heading anywhere else!


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