Ways to Tackle Your Garden this Spring

Unfortunately the winter can leave your garden feeling unloved, bare and in need of some TLC. Although many of us spring clean our homes, how many do the same to their gardens? Probably a lot less. But it’s important to give your garden some attention during spring.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, here are some ways to get your garden spring-ready.

Add Lots of Accessories

Your garden should be an important part of your home. Sadly, it’s often neglected, but it deserves the same design and attention to detail that you use when planning your home’s interior. However, you can restore balance and add a little spring design to your garden with accessories.

Put up bunting, add solar powered fairy lights or lamps, display candles, choose fun and colourful plant pot or hang mirrors behind a water feature to create a focal point.

Make it Manageable

Trying to overhaul your entire garden is a big job. Instead, you can make it manageable by splitting it into small tasks. You could do this by tackling one area at a time, such as restoring your lawn or adding a seating area. Alternatively, create areas that are easy to manage and maintain all year, with raised plant beds or a smaller grassed area.

Grow Your Own

Growing your own fruit and veg can encourage you to spend more time in the garden, as well as provide lots of delicious fresh produce for your kitchen. Spring is the perfect time to plant a vegetable patch, with early spring being the best time to plant carrots, beetroot and tomatoes. Add some herbs as well to make your garden smell divine.

Embrace Your Garden

Whether your garden is small or a strange shape, any garden can be made beautiful. For example, make small spaces feel bigger by focusing on height. You could do this by adding archways with climbing plants. Or for a sloping garden, embrace it by installing different levels. This could include an entertaining space, a series of raised plant beds, or a steps.

Remember the Wildlife

Although you want your garden to be a relaxing retreat, it should also be a haven for wildlife, too. As spring is the perfect time for wildlife, it makes sense to add some animal and insect friendly additions to your garden. This could include bird boxes, an insect hotel, and choosing flowers that attract insects, like butterflies and bees.

These tips should help to you beautify your garden for spring. Make sure to also weed, touch-up any paint work and have a general tidy, to make your garden feel refreshed.

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