Ways to Get Kids to Burn Off Additional Energy After School

Some kids return from school tired out and ready for dinner. Others however, seem to have an endless source of energy. After coming home and eating their dinner, they’re ready to get moving. This endless energy can be extremely tough to handle when you’re tired after a long day. So, how can you eliminate it?

Here, you’ll discover ways to get kids to burn off energy after school.

Backyard Olympics

This may be an extreme idea, but it’s particularly awesome for keeping the kids occupied during the warmer evenings. You can use some of the easier events such as sprinting and long jump, but you can also add your own activities into the mix too. Think nerf gun fighting for example.

The great thing about this activity, is you can do it time and time again. It’s also suitable for all ages – even toddlers! Just make sure if you have more than one child and they tend to be competitive, they aren’t competing against each other. If they do, you’ll quickly see how wrong this activity can go!


Skating has always been a popular activity for kids. They last for years and provide hours of fun. They may seem expensive, but you can actually buy some pretty awesome quality boards from companies such as SkateHut.

The kids can use these in the garden, along the street, or in your local park. You could even make this a family activity and take it up with your child. You might just be surprised how much fun it is!

Stimulating activities

Generally speaking, active based toys are great for tiring out the kids after school. However, you may find instead of burning off energy, they can also provide extra energy. So, if being active tends to have the opposite effect on your kids, make sure they partake in activities with stimulate the mind, not the body.

Any learning-based activity such as i-Spy or building bridges out of straight pins and straw, will help to tire out your child’s mind.

Overall, there’s plenty of ways to get your kids to burn off any additional energy they have after school. The above are just some of the best you’ll want to try out first. You don’t need a huge budget – there’s something on the list to suit all budgets, as well as all ages.

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