Winter is Coming – Preparations for a Cosy Home

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Family life is one expense after another. There is a lot of joy hidden between the bills and the mayhem of modern daily home life, but there’s no denying that money-saving tips are always welcome. With summer upon us, the temptation to forget about those winter-long home heating bills is strong. That’s why today we’re going to have a quick recap on how you could start preparing your home for the winter months ahead – making small changes now can save you an untold fortune further down the line. If you are worried about potential future costs, have you thought about a home warranty? You can read more about them here.

Supercharge Your Home Heating System

Boilers. Snore. Just like renewing car insurance and checking you’re not paying too much for your electricity supply, your boiler requires occasional attention to ensure you’re making the most of every penny of heating power you pump around your home. Most people don’t even realise that you can switch to an oil that retains heat for a significant amount of time, meaning the heat in your radiators stays put for much longer. Super Saver Oil, for example, offers ways to fuel both older and newer heating systems. If you’re the kind of person that’s forever bleeding your radiators and checking the pressure on your boiler because you’re convinced that you’re not getting enough bang for your buck when it comes to home heating, making the switch can help you to really feel the benefits each time you turn up the thermostat.

Cavity Wall Insulation

 Some local authorities actually supply home cavity wall insulation for free. Yes, free. If you’ve never looked into the money-saving and heat-saving benefits of cavity wall insulation, check with your local authority whether or not your home qualifies for free installation. The process is simple enough, and well worth the investment if you don’t qualify for the free treatment. Holes are drilled at specific locations on both the inside and outside of your home and the insulation material is pumped into the cavities in your walls. However, if I were to give you one word of warning, watch out for exactly where the installation staff plan to drill the holes – in other words, be prepared for a little bit of a DIY tidy up when the job is complete (unless, of course, you prefer the look of small holes in your exterior brickwork and interior décor … no? Thought not).

Windows and Doors – Sale Now On (probably)

 In the height of winter, inhabitants of colder homes turn their attentions to the various suppliers and fitters of windows and doors that keep the heat in and keep the cold out. With services in such high demand, the chances of finding a superb value deal begin to decrease with every cold night that passes by (after all, who is going to sell their services cheaply if so many people are willing to pay full whack?). Make use of last year’s clearance stock during the summer months and upgrade your windows and doors to something that will help to protect you better from the elements when the time comes.

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