Wise Words Wednesday with Laura

One thing I love about our Wise Words Wednesday feature is the chance to bring bloggers from all backgrounds to my readers. Today is no different as we welcome Laura from Beauty Best Friend to the blog.

Blogging about all things beauty related, Laura shares her tips and reviews of the latest products on the beauty market with her reviews there to help you before you make your purchases!

Time to hand over to Laura.

Tell us a little bit about you & your blog:

My name is Laura and I write beauty blog www.BeautyBestFriend.com.

You know how best friends share all their secrets and recommend products to each other? Well I’m your Beauty Best Friend! I try out and review products so you don’t end up wasting your money on the ones that are no good.

I live in Yorkshire with my husband, toddler daughter and Tess the cat. When I am not testing beauty products and blogging about them I enjoy home improvements, baking and all kinds of creative crafts.

What inspired you to start blogging?

I have been passionate about make-up and skincare for as long as I can remember (too long!) and in April 2013 I decided to put this to good use and share my product reviews and beauty tips with others – the same way I would share my makeup knowledge and skincare secrets with my best friends. I have a particular interest in natural and organic skincare products and mineral make-up, as I think it’s really important that we actually know what ingredients we are putting onto our skin. Some of my favourite natural brands are Botanicals and Green People.

What has been your highlight of blogging?

I don’t think I can pick just one as there have been so many great moments! These include being featured in Pure Beauty magazine, attending an amazing event for the launch of Benefit’s new brow make-up collection and meeting lots of new blogger friends.

Is there anything you have learnt about blogging which you wish you knew when you started out?

Just that it’s a lot of hard work! I think some people think blogging is a bit of fun but those bloggers that have amazing blogs spend many hours per day planning and writing new posts, trialling products, networking and updating their websites – it can be more tiring than a full time job!

I also wish I’d discovered Pinterest sooner. It contains unlimited exciting content about how to set up and improve your blog, not to mention all the amazing nail art tutorials, fashion tips, hairstyle ideas…. and of course images of cute kittens! I’ve created lots of inspirational boards that I can look at if I feel stuck, feel free to check out my Pinterest boards here.

What would be your 1 tip you would give all new bloggers starting out?

My tip would be to just be yourself, and enjoy it! The profile of blogging is growing and there can be a lot of pressure – particularly on women – to look or act a certain way. I’d suggest that if there’s something you’re really passionate about and you want to tell the world then go for it. Don’t be worried about what other people might think, just express yourself – it feels good!

Who do you find inspiring to read/watch in the blogging world?

I don’t get a lot time to read other blogs, but when I do my favourites include:

  • British Beauty Blogger as Jane’s background and experience in beauty make her the perfect candidate to honestly review make-up and skincare.
  • Fashionicide as I just adore Lima’s bright rainbow make-up creations. I’m not sure I’d have the confidence to pull any of them off though!

Lastly – do you have any big plans/dreams for your blog in the next 12 months?

Since having my daughter nearly two years ago Beauty Best Friend has had to take a bit of a back seat. I’m a stay at home mum, and it’s meant that I’ve not had a lot of time for new blog posts – it’s been the photography that I’ve found difficult to fit in as I don’t have time during the day and there’s not much natural light around after my little one has gone to bed. But gradually I’ve been clawing back a bit of me-time and in a few weeks my daughter will be starting pre-school so I’ll get a few more hours to myself.

I plan to increase the number of blog posts that I write, plus I’d like to do a bit more on social media. I already use my Twitter account every day, and I’m using my Facebook page a lot more recently – posting mini reviews and beauty tips. I’d like to up my photography game on Instagram too, one of my first projects is to set up a mini photography studio so that I can take better images.

Wise Words Wednesday Laura

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