*Review* WOW Toys Casey Camper

We were fortunate enough to receive a lovely Casey Camper toy for Kayleigh to review from WOW Toys. unfortunately this arrived on the day we came back from holiday so I was a bit mean and made the children wait 4 days till the new camera arrived to take the pictures of it in the box!


 The Casey Camper is aimed at 1 1/2 to 5-year-old, so the perfect age range for both of mine.

immediately its bright colours caught their attention. The great thing i noticed about the toy is it has lots of doors that open so it goes from being a motorised camper to a stationary play toy. Once the camper is opened up it becomes a little living area, with a bed and some seating. Also the door which has opened up becomes a little outdoor area with hopscotch.

The Casey Camper comes with the camper van (which is motorised) 1x Boy and girl figure called Pete and Lilly, 1x Dog animal figure called Sammy, 1x Dog basket and dog bowl, 1x Picnic table and 2x Luggage items.

The clever thing is the picnic table slots into the camper van roof once it opens (the hopscotch) and the people can sit in the seats, also once its all packed up (all the little toys fit inside) then the luggage can be placed on the top.

I think it’s the little details that make this to stand out. The side of the camper that doesn’t open has a little window with flower boxes and an awning.

All the parts of the toys are safe for children, none have sharp edges.

This has become the toy of the week in our house and both of the children are fighting over who gets to play with it!

Head over to WOW Toys for information on where to purchase this great toy from and to look at their other great toys. They can also be found here on Facebook.

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