Malteser Christmas Puddings

This post was originally published back in 2013 however it is always so popular I wanted to make sure our new readers see it. This makes the perfect gift for anyone and is pretty simple to make!

Last year we brought some amazing Christmas goodies from a company which were delicious! However this year they have closed temporarily due to personal reasons (I’ve heard they are back in the new year which is fabΒ  πŸ™‚ )


So this year I had to come up with a way of making my own Malteser Christmas Puds as we loved these last year. Working on how I thought they were made last year I started on my own Malteser Christmas Puds.

Step 1 :

Purchase your ingredients. At this time of the year most of the ingredients you are going to need are on offer so it’s a bargain! I found I needed just over 1 box of maltesers so you may want to purchase 2 boxes.

Malteser Christmas Pudding


Step 2:

Find something suitable to hold your chocolate orange, I went with a children’s beaker as it was the most stable thing I could find!

Malteser Christmas Pudding


Step 3:

Melt a little of your milk chocolate, this effectively becomes your glue. The slowly enough, that the chocolate starts to set but fast enough that the chocolate doesn’t completely set, dip each malteser into the chocolate then glue it to your chocolate orange.

Malteser Christmas Pudding


Step 4:

You need to keep going with the maltesers the whole way round. It gets a bit tricky ensuring they are set enough to turn but working quick enough that your melted chocolate is still runny!

Malteser Christmas Pudding


Step 5:

Once you have covered the whole chocolate orange, melt some white chocolate and cover the top of your pudding like melted cream.Β  Decorate with your holly and berries to complete the look.

Malteser Christmas Pudding


Overall I was quiet impressed with myself on the first attempt.

I won’t lie, they don’t look anywhere near as impressive as the ones I brought but with a bit of work and some fancy cellophane I think they’d make pretty cool looking home-made gifts! Amazon do round cake boards and cellophane wrap perfect for this Christmas.

If I can make these then anyone can, happy crafting this Christmas πŸ™‚






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  • Lorraine Stone

    Wow! Looks great. Love it!

    • MummyVsWork

      Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Joy Dehany

    It looks lovely. You just needed a holly sprig to finish it off. You can make one from icing sugar x

    • MummyVsWork

      It does – could be something the kids make for family maybe πŸ™‚

  • Louise Fairweather

    Oh my – that is my kind of Christmas pudding! Will have to have a go myself!

    • MummyVsWork

      Come back and let us know how you get on!

  • Kim Carberry

    Ohh wow!! That looks so delicious!!

    • MummyVsWork

      It is very yummy!

  • Jenny1980

    That’s brilliant! What did you use for the holly?

    • MummyVsWork

      I brought icing and little cutter however lots of stores are selling little bits pre cut! πŸ™‚