The 10 most popular Spanish foods in the United Kingdom

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Spanish cuisine has gained significant popularity in the United Kingdom over recent years and this is due to a number of different reasons.

The cuisine itself is packed full of diverse flavours and ingredients which include things such as the bold and spicy chorizo to the delights of Spanish ham. Combine these with fresh high-quality ingredients such as olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, and fresh seafood, it is clear to see why it is popular with so many. With this focus on fresh ingredients, the Mediterranean diet is highly popular as the health benefits from the focus on fresh vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats are loved by many.

Spanish cuisine is a celebration of food and drink, that is enjoyed by many and stems from a rich culinary history. Many traditional dishes are still enjoyed today on the dining table and big celebrations too. Focusing on the ingredients and techniques, the dishes allow the flavours to shine though and stand out on their own.

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We have been looking into what the UK love about Spanish food and whether you are looking for a tasty fresh dish like gazpacho or are more a fan of taps, there is something for everyone one in the cuisine and we have picked out 10 of the most popular dishes loved here in the UK!

The 10 most popular Spanish foods in the United Kingdom


This is probably one of the most popular dishes here in the UK and you will find a variety of versions of this dish. A traditional rice dish from Valencia, often made with seafood, chicken, rabbit, vegetables, and saffron. It’s a centrepiece at many Spanish restaurants and food festivals in the UK.


I am a huge fan of tapas and they are becoming more popular in UK restaurants. It is a wide variety of small dishes or appetizers that can include anything from olives, Spanish ham and Manchego cheese to more elaborate preparations like albondigas (meatballs) and patatas bravas (spicy potatoes). Tapas bars have become a staple in many UK cities, with many people enjoying them at home and away.


A type of pork sausage seasoned with paprika and garlic. It’s often used in a variety of dishes, from tapas to main courses, and can be found in both fresh and cured forms. We enjoy this in our pasta and paella dishes often and the UK supermarkets are starting to get more of a variety to pick from.

Tortilla Española

Also known as a Spanish omelette, it’s made with eggs, potatoes, and onions. This simple yet delicious dish is often served as a tapa or light meal.


A cold tomato-based soup that is especially popular during the summer months. It’s refreshing and packed with flavours from fresh vegetables, making it perfect for summer months in the UK.

Jamon Serrano

Jamón Serrano is a type of dry-cured Spanish ham that is made from the hind legs of white pigs. The name “Serrano” means “from the mountains,” referring to the traditional practice of curing the ham in mountain regions.

Jamón Serrano is more than just a food item in Spain; it is a cultural icon. The tradition of curing ham dates back centuries, and it represents a significant part of Spanish culinary heritage. Jamón Serrano stands out as a testament to Spain’s rich gastronomic traditions, offering a taste of the country’s history, culture, and dedication to artisanal food production.

Patatas Bravas

Fried potatoes served with a spicy tomato sauce. This dish is a staple in many tapas menus and is loved for its bold flavours. Like many tapas, Patatas Bravas is designed for sharing, making it a great dish for social gatherings and casual dining.


Breaded and fried croquettes filled with ingredients like ham, chicken, or cheese. They are crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, making them a popular tapa. Croquetas are adored for their creamy and flavorful interior contrasted with the crunchy exterior. They are a staple in Spanish cuisine, found in homes, restaurants, and tapas bars across Spain and beyond. Their versatility and deliciousness make them a favourite among both locals and visitors.

Pulpo a la Gallega

Also known as Galician-style octopus, it’s a simple yet flavorful dish made with boiled octopus, olive oil, paprika, and salt, often served on a wooden platter. This dish is beloved for its simplicity and the way it showcases the natural flavour of the octopus, enhanced by olive oil, salt, and paprika. Its popularity extends beyond Galicia, being enjoyed throughout Spain and in many Spanish restaurants worldwide. The combination of tender octopus and flavorful seasonings makes Pulpo a la Gallega a standout dish in Spanish cuisine.

Pimientos de Padrón

Small green peppers that are usually fried and sprinkled with sea salt. Most are mild, but occasionally one can be quite spicy, adding an element of surprise.

These foods reflect the rich culinary tradition of Spain and have found a receptive audience in the UK, contributing to the vibrant and diverse food scene. With more of us exploring flavour of the world alongside our traditional British dishes, it is clear to see why we have such a rich food culture.

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